Making Seika Famous

Pansies Photo œFLOWERS
Since the opening of Kyoto Flower Center, Seika's locally cultivated flowers have prospered. Various flowers, including pansies, begonias, sage and marigolds, are grown in Seika, and one of Seika's mottos is eFull of Flowers.f Flowers are available year round.

Green chili peppers photo œGREEN CHILI PEPPERS
Seika's green chili pepper green house is the biggest and most famous in Kyoto Prefecture. The peppers are available from early April to late July.

Rape blossoms photo œKALE
This healthy vegetable, which is plentiful in vitamins, calcium and protein, is the parent of such vegetables as cabbage and broccoli. It is available for most of the year.

Strawberry photo œSTRAWBERRIES
The strawberry is the most famous of all Seika products, available from the end of November to May. In addition to regular strawberries, Seika also grows the very popular jumbo strawberry, nicknamed gAika,h which is 3-4 times larger than normal strawberries.

Shrimp taro potato photo œSHRIMP TARO
A type of taro potato, the shrimp taro is one of Kyoto's traditional vegetables. This small potato is so named because it is shaped like a shrimp. Seika's shrimp taro is available from November to January.

Rice photo œRICE
Because the Kizu River flows through this area, blessing it with fertile land and water, Seika's rice granaries have been famous in Kyoto since long ago. Recently emphasis has been placed on organic rather than chemical fertilizing and cultivating processes. Seika's rice is harvested in the fall.
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